Retired teacher wants his pension revised

Fact Check

Employed on January 5, 1959, Mr Dinesh Tryambaklal Upadhyaya (TSC No 131477) retired as an S1 teacher in January 1989. After 30 years of service, all he wants is to enjoy retirement, not run after Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and Pensions Department officials over anomalies in his benefits.

"I have been struggling in vain to have my pension revised by TSC and the Ministry of Finance pensions office. But I do not get any response at all or even an acknowledgement that my enquiries have been received. I shall really appreciate PointBlank’s assistance towards the ends of justice," he says.

Upadhyaya’s enquries are motivated by Press reports last July that teachers who missed out on pensions revision for the period between 1997 and 2007 would have payments adjusted.

"Justifiably, my pension ought to be revised as I retired in 1989 and missed out on all revisions," says Upadhyaya, whose file number is APN/PC 5794.