Three steps to ensure your brand story sells

Three steps to ensure your brand story sells. [Istockphoto]

Your brand is more than just your product or service. It's the story you tell about your business — the why behind what you do. And being able to tell that story consistently is essential to connecting with your audience. But how do you start?

  1. Define your brand's story

First, it's essential to define what your brand story is. What are the values that drive your business? What makes you different from your competitors? Your brand story is the unique narrative that encompasses the values and differentiating factors that drive your business. The most important thing to remember when trying to sell a product is to give it time to build.

  1. Sell your story, not your product or service

After building, sometimes sales still lag. You have a great product, but no one is buying it. You've talked to your friends and family about it, posted about it on social media, and even set up a booth at a trade show or industry event — but still, no one is biting. The problem typically is not your product — it is your approach. You're trying to sell a product when what you need to do is sell a story. Your potential customers need to see how your product will improve their lives, not just what it is and does.

  1. Allow your story to evolve

And finally, don't be afraid to change your story as your business evolves. Pivoting is a common business strategy, and it can be a helpful way to adjust your business model as your company grows and evolves. However, it's important to distinguish between necessary pivots and frivolous ones. A necessary pivot is usually dictated by changes in the marketplace or your company's growth trajectory.

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