Suspect in Makueni arson attack which left four family members dead arrested

A man believed to be behind the Makueni arson, where four members of the same family were burnt to death has been arrested.

Joseph Kioko Matolo, 57, brother to Regina Mueni who burnt together with her daughter Faith Mang’eli, 27, and two granddaughters; Angel Masava, five, and Amelia Masava, two, was arrested on Monday while on the run at Katheka-Kai in Machakos County.

Kioko was arrested after he was spotted by members of the public looking suspicious, with burns all over his face.

"Members of the public noticed a man with facial and body burns and who looked suspicious. They related him to the arson incident which had gone viral and that is when he was frog-marched to the police station," read a police report from Makueni Police Station.

Detectives believe that the injuries the man had were inflicted when he lit the house with five occupants on fire.

According to Makueni County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed, the family had a land tussle and elders were to determine the criteria of dividing the disputed land by Monday (today) before the attack happened.

Neighbours privy to the land issue say Kioko was opposed to having his sister Mueni getting a share of their family land.

One survivor is recuperating at the Makueni Referral hospital, their mother Monica Matolo, 75.

The suspect is being held at the Makueni Police Station awaiting to be arraigned.