Calls for full disclosure at Mutula Kilonzo’s anniversary

By Daniel Nzia

Makueni, Kenya: Hundreds of Kenyans gathered to commemorate the one year anniversary of the death of former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo.

And top CORD leaders renewed calls for the Government to come clean and explain the cause of his death.

Led by CORD co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula, the leaders said it was disturbing that one year down the line following Mutula’s death, the Government was still mum on the cause yet he was a national leader.

“The death of the former Makueni Senator is not a small matter. However much we may sweep it under the carpet, the people of Mbooni and Kenyans at large need to be given a share of his life by telling them the cause of his death,” said Wetang’ula.

“We may not bring  the late Mutula Kilonzo Senior back, but there are a few questions that need to be answered regarding his mysterious death,” said Mr Wetang’ula, who spoke first after the family.

Hit billboard

Wetang’ula, who is also Minority Leader in the Senate, recalled the endless list of unresolved deaths of renown leaders like Gama Pinto, Bishop Alexander Muge, JM Kariuki and George Saitoti, among others, and said answers to such cases must be given.

He said he almost joined the list of victims of mysterious deaths recently when there was an attempt on his life only for the Inspector General of Police to say his car hit a 25ft high billboard.

Kalonzo eulogised his former party Secretary General as a man who stood for justice, adding the party was poor without him as he urged party members to remain solid.

The former Vice President said Kenyans were secretly following what has been going on in the courts about Kethi Kilonzo, the late senator’s daughter, who he described as a movement for excellency in the practice of law.

He said he was impressed by the spirit of unity exhibited by the late Mutula’s family during the anniversary celebrations and encouraged them to always stay together in his honour.

Mutula’s wife Nduku said life has not been easy for her since the death of her husband, whom she fondly referred to as “Kitutu alias K” but pointed out that she has slowly learned to be a strong woman.

Leave Legacy

“It is exactly one year and three days today. Times come when I break down but I get up and encourage myself, then say a word of prayer,” said Nduku.

She said she was proud to have been able to hold the family together since Mutula’s death.

Nduku, who wore a black skirt suit she said her husband bought for her in December 2012, told the gathering to search their souls and seek the hand of God to help them leave a legacy they would be remembered for.

Mwathi Kilonzo spoke on behalf of the children while Mutula Kilonzo Junior’s wife Anita and his young brother Musembi’s wife Lorna Wambayi took the church through the first and second reading of the Bible. Mbooni MP Kisoi Munyao urged the State to consider dropping the criminal charges against Kethi.

Also in attendance were Senator Judy Sejeni, MPs Regina Ndambuki and Richard Makenga, among others.