Rai Group of companies plants 1,500 seedlings in support of state tree planting program

Kabras Sugar RFC players pose for a photo after tree planting in Kakamega Forest on Monday.

Rai Group of Companies has expressed its support for the government’s Tree-planting program across the country.

This was evidenced after Kabras Sugar Rugby players and West Kenya Sugar Company joined Kenyans in the tree-planting exercise in support of the national government’s tree-planting initiative.

The company used contracted farmers to plant at least 5, 000 tree seedlings in Senyende within Kakamega Forest and in Kiminini at Chalicha on Monday, November 14.

While planting the trees, West Kenya Sugar Company Chairman Jaswant Rai said there was a need for Kenya’s tropical rainforest, which includes the Kakamega forest to be protected against destruction.

“Tree planting should not stop after today (Monday) we have to carry on with the exercise. The trees we are planting now are meant to safeguard our future generation as a country,” said Rai.

“Rai sugar is cognisant of the fact that the sugar industry is prone to environmental disruption and because of this, 75 percent of its corporate social responsibility budget is committed to environmental protection,” he added.

Mr Rai reassured the Kenya Forest Services of his continued support in the development of seedlings within the Kakamega forest catchment area for ease of access for the community, institutions including learning institutions within the county and beyond, and all those involved in afforestation activities.

“I am glad that our sugarcane farmers and our employees including rugby players have been supporting the government’s initiative by planting trees, particularly in Kakamega Forest quite often,” said Rai.

The national government through the Ministry of Environment released over 1m seedlings on Sunday for Kenyans to plant in various parts of the country to protect the environment.

The government has been keen on increasing forest cover in the country as one way of conserving the environment amidst global warming.

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