Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu (right) during the launch at the Group headquarters in Nairobi. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

The Standard Group has officially entered the electric vehicles space.

In a showcasing event in partnership with JAC Motors, EVChaja Kenya Limited, ampersand, and Kiri Limited, the Group announced their vision to reduce carbon footprint which is a key objective of The Standard Group Green Initiative.

Speaking during the launch at Group headquarters in Nairobi, Standard Group Chief Executive Officer Orlando Lyomu said the company's hope is to adopt more electric vehicles in our distribution and editorial duties.

"As The Standard Group, we've always embraced innovation, it's one of our values, we don't do it randomly.

We believe as the business environment changes we must continually innovate, and when you think about the media space, innovation opportunities are many, from journalism to other operations.

If you look at what we have done here at our head office, we embarked on installing a solar plant that so far caters to about 40 per cent of our daytime power requirements. And as we progress our hope is to try and bring 100 per cent of daytime power requirements to solar," he said.

The Group CEO expressed his delight to the Standard team for embracing e-mobility as a cost-effective way of running operations.

"I'm glad the team has embraced ways of embracing e-mobility, we use a lot of vehicles that consume a lot of fuel and as the business is changing around us, we are looking at more cost-effective ways of running our operation. Hopefully, in the near future as demand changes, we can adopt more electric vehicles in our distribution and editorial duties."

Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu (left) tests a JAC electric truck during the launch on March 7, 2023. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

Mr Lyomu encouraged the partners to use our outlets to popularise e-mobility.

"To the partners, I can assure you we want to work together to find solutions to how the environment will embrace e-mobility but also to encourage you to work with us to popularise your products, Kenyans need to know that today, these things are done by Kenyans," he said.

Standard Group Head of Safety and Transport Benjamin Masai said he personally tested the JAC electric truck on a trip to Nakuru and back and is ready to adopt e-mobility in the Group's daily operations.

"For the last few weeks we've been doing a pilot for electric vehicles through our partnerships and I think we are ready to be EV ambassadors. We've had a vehicle from JAC motors and a charging station from EVChaja and support from ampersand and Kiri Limited," said Benjamin.

Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu (left) charges an electric car during the launch. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

The biggest thing with EVs is the reduction of operation cost in fuel and the vehicle has no engine, or gearbox so the only cost for maintenance is on suspension.

Ampersand and Kiri Limited operations are largely electric boda bodas, the backbone of Africa's local delivery sector, and rideshare options.

Iyadi Iyadi, The CEO of EVChaja, Kenya's first network of electric vehicle charging stations appreciated the Group for embracing sustainable energy, and like Europe and Asia, he said e-mobility is the future.

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