Mandera: Anti-stock theft unit officers injured in Shabaab raid

A crime scene tape [The Standard]

Three police officers are nursing injuries after suspected Al-Shabaab militants raided their camp in Kotulo, Mandera County on Monday.

The attackers, whose number remains unclear, raided the Elram Anti-Stock Theft Unit camp at around 3pm on August 1.

Police say the outlawed group hurled a bomb material, whose shrapnel injured three officers on the spot.

Fortunately, no fatality was reported.

Police said the suspected Al-Shabaab militants were in possession of six high explosive bomb devices and several machine guns of PKM model.

Efforts to repulse the attackers lasted thirty (30) minutes on Monday, with police saying the militants were eventually subdued.

A reinforcement was subsequently ordered from the neighbouring Wajir County.

The injured, a chief inspector and two administration police corporals, were airlifted to Nairobi for advanced treatment.

They sustained head, arm, facial, chest, jaw and abdominal injuries, police said in a statement filed at a Kotulo post.