‘Unruly’ MCA returns after 4 suspensions

South East Alego MCA Joseph Mboha who has been suspended from the County Assembly four times. [Olivia Odhiambo, Standard]

A Member of the County Assembly who has been on suspension for six months over alleged misconduct has finally resumed sessions.

South East Alego MCA Joseph Mboha on Wednesday returned to the House and said he had made peace with his colleagues after four suspensions.

Mr Mboha was first suspended last May 2, after his colleagues passed a Motion debarring him over alleged gross misconduct.

He was accused of questioning the integrity of the Assembly leadership in a WhatsApp group. The Motion was sponsored by Yimbo East MCA Francis Otiato.

Court petition

But Mboha filed a petition in the High Court on May 25, under a certificate of urgency, seeking to lift his suspension and to stop the Powers and Privileges Committee from grilling him.

He was suspended again in June after the assembly received a petition on May 7, from four people seeking his removal from office.

The petitioners – Sylvester Owuor, Michael Onyuowre, Shadrack Sewe, Nicholas Rajula and Francis Owino – claimed Mboha had frequently been absent from plenary sittings.

He was suspended for 28 days, a third time by Speaker George Okode, when he allegedly stormed the assembly after getting reprieve from the High Court.

A report by the Powers and Privileges Committee landed him a fourth suspension for 45 days after he was accused of attempting to storm the assembly backed by unruly youths.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, an excited Mboha said he had finally agreed with the assembly leadership and his colleagues that they would henceforth sort out issues in-house.

“I have been granted unconditional return and we have agreed to work as a team within the assembly. I have resumed my membership to all the committees. I missed the representation aspect, especially for my people, who deserve it. But I am glad I am back to play my role,” said Mboha.

Mboha was celebrating double victory as a Bill he had sponsored before his suspension was passed.

The County Honours and Awards Bill had gone through the first and second second reading before he went for suspension and was passed on Wednesday after it went through the third reading.

According to Mboha, the Bill is meant for heroes and heroines of the county and how they can be feted.

“I sponsored this Bill to ensure that our heroes and heroines like Conjestina Achieng’ are feted by the county government. The national government may not recognise all those who have done so much for this county but as a leaders, we have a duty to ensure our people are awarded for their hard work,” he noted.

Nominated MCA representing the youth Ben Adala confirmed that Mboha had indeed returned to the assembly.

“Yes he is fully back and received a warm welcome. His speech was good. One of the Bills he had sponsored was passed during the Wednesday session,” revealed MCA Adala. County Assembly communication spokesman Tom Oduor confirmed that Mboha had returned to the assembly.