Kenyans on twitter now defend Ezekiel Mutua over passport row

Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive Ezekiel Mutua.PHOTO: COURTESY

Trust Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) to at one time shame you on social media and other times to support you, whenever they feel you are doing good.

No one knows this better than Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua Nyithya.

Kenyans on Twitter on Thursday through trending phrase #EzekielMutua criticised him by throwing all kinds of vitriol at him for boasting about his diplomatic passport issued to him in 2013 while serving in the Foreign Affairs ministry.

The Immigration Department on its Twitter account that Mr. Mutua has been asked to surrender the passport because he was no longer among the "persons allowed to have diplomatic passport in the Third Schedule".

However, today Friday, KOT were now defending him for standing strong to defend rights of children and uphold moral values using trending hashtags #WeSupportEzekielMutua and #ISupport EzekielMutua.

Mutua has been in the news in the recent past for allegedly trying to control what Kenyans view on national television.

Below are some of the Twitter posts in his support.

EvaMwalili tweeted: Anyone fighting to bring back sanity in the society will always meet opposition. #I SupportEzekielMutua #WeSupportEzekielMutua.

@itscheboiwo tweeted: For me Mutua is a hero. These people have always been fighting him but they will never win #WeSupportEzekielMutua @EzekielMutua @benardkibe.

@WaitituRose tweeted: The moral decadence in this country is on a higher notch so #WesupportEzekielMutua in raising God fearing nation and to bring back sanity.

@kinuthia_agnes tweeted: Anyone fighting #WeSupportEzekielMutua has bad morals.

@Rjkinyanjui tweeted: #WeSupportEzekielMutua because main stream media want to keep introducing crap to ensure future generations are immoral zombies.

@arnoldi254 tweeted: This man, Ezekiel Mutua has been doing a great job despite negative energy from Kenyans. #WeSupportEzekielMutua.