Eldoret Diocese Catholic Bishop Cornelius Korir warns politicians against politicising ICC cases

Bishop Cornelius Korir of Eldoret Catholic Diocese addresses the press.

Eldoret, Kenya: Eldoret Diocese Catholic Bishop Cornelius Korir has warned politicians against and making reckless statements in public and politicizing Deputy President William Ruto's ICC case.

Speaking in Eldoret, Bishop Korir said this will only raise unnecessary political temperatures in the country yet there is an ongoing healing process.

"Politicians should put the country first and should not take us back to what we experienced in 2007/08 post poll violence. The country is still healing and we should not impede that delicate process of reconciliation," he stated.

"Bringing up the issue that some people fixed the Deputy President and Joshua Sang at the ICC raises tension in the country. If they knew before, why wouldn't they handle it in a different forum and not the political way? They should have gone the legal way a long time ago before the matter got worse," he said.

He pointed that election is not far and the issue was likely to create unnecessary division.

"Let them be witnesses if they want  but they should leave Kenyan citizens alone," he added.

This comes amid heightened political temperature over Ruto ICC fixing claims by politicians, both from the ruling Jubilee coalition and the Opposition.