Mother's cry for justice for two defiled daughters

A woman is seeking justice for her daughters whom she alleges were defiled by a neighbour.

The woman from Mariakani said her daughters were first defiled in November 2017.

She claimed she found out about the attack on September 19, 2018, after her daughters opened up.

According to the woman, her daughter aged 12 said she was given Sh50 on September 18, 2018, by the suspect.

The minor said the suspect lured her and her sisters with Sh10 a day before the attack “but never asked for anything in return until the following day.” 

“That day he forced himself on me. He covered my mouth so I could not scream,” the girl claimed, adding that afterwards, the suspect threatened them.

The woman said the suspect, who operates a garage next to their home, gave the girls money before defiling them and then warned them that he would kill them if they told on him.

“My daughters opened up about the incident after I noticed a change in their behaviour. They acted jumpy as though they were afraid of something," said the woman.

Kaloleni OCPD Kennedy Onsando said the woman had accepted to settle the matter traditionally in exchange for cash from the man, a claim the mother dismissed as untrue.

“I was informed by someone that the mother was seeking to get compensation. The mother never reported the case. I deployed my officers to act and the plan was aborted,” Mr Onsando said.

He added that a medical report from Mariakani District Hospital showed the two girls were defiled. 

"The suspect is at large. We will soon get him and all those involved, including those who were paid to remain silent, will be arrested and charged," said the OCPD.

Reported matter

The woman dismissed the OCPD's version of the events and gave Occurrence Book number OB41/20/9/2018 as proof that she had reported the matter to the police.

She admitted that two elders had approached her to end the matter “without police interference”, but she had refused. A source claimed the suspect was willing to pay Sh50,000 to settle the matter.