Safaricom denies sharing customer's data

 Safaricom insists that it adheres to Kenya's data protection laws. [Elvis Ogna]

Safaricom has denied online claims of sharing its customer's data in the wake of abductions during the anti-tax demonstrations.

In a press statement dated June 25, 2024, the telecommunications company denied the allegations, stating that it can only explicitly do so through a court order. 

"Safaricom notes the online conversation on data privacy. We respect our customers' privacy and adhere strictly to the country's data protection laws. As such, we do not share any customer data unless explicitly required of us via a court order," the statement read.

At the same time, the company insisted that it adheres to the data protection laws and that it has not received any court order requiring it to share customer information with any government agency.

"On the current issue in discussion, we confirm that we have not received any court order requiring us to share customer information with any government agency," Safaricom added.

The company has come under a barrage of criticism, especially by online users who alleged that it was feeding government agencies by providing them with real-time data of its clients.

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