KRA supports large taxpayers to ensure compliance

KRA Commissioner General Humphrey Wattanga .[X, KRA]

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has unveiled strategies to help large taxpayers uphold compliance.

Speaking at a meeting with taxpayers on Tuesday, October 24 in Nairobi, KRA Commissioner General Humphrey Wattanga said that the taxman has developed a framework that will help facilitate the taxpayers to channel their contributions.

The Authority plans to provide feedback on the concerns raised by taxpayers in order to strengthen relationships with customers and enhance revenue compliance.

"We have established a dedicated office for our large taxpayers known as the 'Large Taxpayers Office' (LTO), which will continue to engage and partner with you through a relationship management framework," said Wattanga.

According to the taxation body, large taxpayers include customers who accrue an annual income of up to Sh1.3 billion.

There are at least 2,089 registered large taxpayers from different sectors across the country, who contributed Sh818 billion in revenue collection in the Financial Year 2022/23, representing a nine percent increase.

Wattanga said that the strategy will allow the taxation body to identify, manage, and create a good rapport with its customers.

KRA is targeting Sh1.1 trillion from large taxpayers in the Financial Year 2023/24.

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