Kenya Power to purchase electric cars, to phase out fossil-powered cars

Kenya Power will purchase three electric vehicles. [iStockphoto]

Kenya Power has set aside Sh40 million to purchase electric-powered vehicles as it moves to phase out fossil-powered cars from its fleet.

In a statement today, the power distributor noted that it will purchase three electric vehicles in the current financial year ending June 2023.

The three vehicles, including two pickups and one four-wheel drive, will be used on a pilot basis as the power utility prepares to move out of dirty fuel including diesel and petrol.

"Kenya Power intends to substantially reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing more e-vehicles in the near future, including two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

We must play our rightful role to combat global warming by championing mitigation measures such as adoption of electric motorisation," said Kenya Power's Acting Managing Director, Geoffrey Muli.

The money will also be used to construct three electric vehicle-charging stations within Nairobi, both for the Company's use and demonstration purposes.

Kenya Power has already advertised for expression of interest from e-mobility (electric vehicles) technology partners to design a charging infrastructure, billing and payment system and service management.

Speaking at the Swedish Embassy during the launch of electric motorbikes by Roam Motors, Mr Muli added that in the medium term, the Company will also purchase 50 long-range electric bikes as part of its plan to phase out fuel-powered motorbikes within its fleet.

Roam is locally assembling e-motorbikes with a range of 180 Kms using two batteries, and it costs Sh66 to charge each battery.

Kenya Power recently finished piloting 13 electric bikes in conjunction with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which were being used by meter readers and revenue collection team.

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