Malindi airport records its first international fish exports to China

MALINDI, KENYA: Malindi Airport marked its first international cargo export on Monday after consignment of live sea fish was airlifted from here en route to China via Nairobi.

Global Focus Logistics Limited Company in partnership with Kenya Airways begun exporting live lobsters and crabs from the Malindi international airport to China with more exports scheduled for other parts of the world.

The containerised sea products will at the initial stages be ferried by the KQ's passenger flights before being handed over to the cargo planes to be flown to their final destinations.

The voyage originating from Malindi and passing through Nairobi would take 24 hours for the fish cargo to reach China.

Packaging was carefully done to ensure that the sea foods remain alive throughout the journey until they reached the final markets.

Malindi Airport Manager , Mr Walter Agong said the new cargo services was a significant milestone for the Malindi international airport which has exhibited the potential of exporting perishable commodities directly to Europe and other parts of the world.

Speaking after officially launching the first 750 kilogrammes cargo of lobster and crabs at the Malindi airport, Agong was emphathic that the move was a clear indication of the potential of handling international business directly from the resort town.

He said the cargo firm Global Focus had invested heavily in the sea food sector with several aquariums located in Malindi where the live fish were maintained.

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