I will not be silenced — Betty Kyallo’s sister maintains stance

Following her response to NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu, many asked Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy Kyallo to lie low but she is not taking any of that.

This week, Mercy stated that she will not be silenced when there is ‘clear effort to hijack truth.’

“For those of you advising me that silence is golden, not at all times. Someone decided to attack my family and rob Betty her moment.

“How cruel, I will not be silenced when there is clear effort to unjustly hijack our truth & intentions, we weren’t raised that way,” she said.

The post drew reactions from netizens, some asking her to steer clear of the matter due to its sensitivity.

Just hours after Mijungu accused Betty of tarnishing Dennis Okari’s name, Mercy also weighed on the matter.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, she expressed her disappointment, terming Ken’s sentiments as disrespectful.

She told him that he cannot ‘force a thank you’ and took issue with the fact that he made public their hospital bill.

“Ken, you cannot force a thank you, Maybe that is why the old Swahili Saying “ Tenda Wema nenda Zako” You wrote her a disrespectful message asking her why she hasn't thanked Dennis & you in her post, really?

Mercy also took on Okari and according to her, the investigative journalist only showed up for four weeks during the entire period (four months) Ivanna was in hospital.

“Dennis you had not seen your daughter’s face in years. You left us at the ward, before she could even regain her cognitive abilities never to be seen & heard from again.