Girl, 11, dies after allergic reaction to toothpaste

An 11-year-old girl died after an allergic reaction to a milk-based toothpaste.

Denise Saldate, from West Covina in California, was brushing her teeth with her 15-year-old sister when she ran out of the bathroom crying and told her mum she couldn't breathe.

Her mum Monique Altamirano said her daughter's lips were blue and claims the new prescription toothpaste she was given for white spots on her teeth had cut off her oxygen.

Monique phoned for an ambulance and gave her little girl chest compressions but sadly Denise died that night.

Two weeks after Denise's death on April 6, Monique and Denise's dad Jose Saldate have said they want to raise awareness of what happened to urge people to be extra cautious when reading labels.


The family had never spotted milk as an ingredient in toothpaste and did not see warnings printed on the tube that it contained Recaldent, a milk-derived protein.

Speaking of the tragic day her daughter died, Monique told Yahoo News : "She said she couldn’t breathe and her lips were blue.

"The toothpaste was all over her teeth and gums and it cut off her oxygen."

She added: "We can’t bring Denise back but we can help others in her name."

Denise was diagnosed with a milk allergy when she was one, it is reported. 

Her parents were given EpiPens and always carefully read food labels and worked with her school to make sure her lunches were safe.