Why Gikomba fires make me sad — Moses Kuria

In May 2014 Gikomba market was attacked with bombs, grenades and fire.

When I talked about it and stood with Gikomba people, I was arrested and charged with incitement only to be acquitted after 3 years of endless court appearances.

Since then no year passes without Gikomba being burnt down.

After the last fire, traders wanted to rebuild the market. They were told not to do it.

That Nairobi County Government and State Department of Housing will do it. Nothing to date.

Today instead of a new market we have gifted Gikomba with a new fire.

I am trying to be as calm about this as I can. My heart is heavy.

I don’t want any trouble with anyone but my eyes are wet and my heart is heavy.

I am seething with anger. Surely even if we don’t do some things because of responsibilities given to us by the people, can’t we do it because there is a God in heaven who watches over us?