VIDEO: Tuk tuk operator explains why he beat up two police officers

The Tuk-tuk operator who was recorded beating up two police officers in Nakuru has come out to clear the air regarding what actually happened.

In an exclusive interview with KTN News, the man who sought anonymity claimed that he was acting in defense after the two officers stopped him on the road.

He alleged that they were collecting money from other tuk-tuks and one of them smashed his side mirror as he was slowing down.

Saa ile mimi nakuja, huyo afande mweusi aliinua ile rungu yake juu akaungukia kioo yangu ikaanguka, side mirror ikaanguka.” (While I was driving, the darkskinned policemen raised his baton and smashed my windshield and my side mirror).

The scuffle left him with bruises on his arm and neck and he accused the policemen of often harassing motorists along that route even when they had complied with traffic rules.

An eyewitness at the scene gave a similar account saying that one of the officers removed the insurance sticker of the tuk tuk as he was inspecting it.

“Dereva akaweka tuktuk yake kando akarudi nyuma…wakati alirudi nyuma, askari akarudi kung’oa insurance, dereva wa tuk tuk kumuuliza nini inaendela, hapo ndio vita ilianza”. (The driver parked his tuk tuk and stepped out to talk to the policeman, when he did, the officer removed the insurance sticker…the fight broke out soon after) explained an eyewitness. 

The driver said he had received reports that detectives were looking for him even as the Principal Prosecution Counsel, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) Duncan Ondimu, called for his arrest.

“A Police Officer of the @NPSOfficial_KE carries the Government symbol, Coat of Arms.

“To assault and beat a police officer is such a terrible criminal act that must be dealt with firmly. I hope the Tuk Tuk fellow is apprehended!” wrote Ondimu.

Here is the video: