OP: How Raila Odinga outsmarted President Uhuru Kenyatta at his own game

Kenyans were again treated contemptuously treated after President Uhuru Kenyatta failed to show up for the Presidential debate, prompting NASA Presidential candidate to appear solo on stage and articulate his agenda to Kenyans.

The wave of amusement did not end there as majority of Kenyans took to social media to register their dissatisfaction, while diehards applauded the President nonetheless.

However, critically looking at the eventual turn of events, it will be worth mentioning that Raila Odinga outsmarted the President in his own game.

Adhering to the ideal rules of power, which in his book, Robert Greene counsels that those who seek power must always conceal the intentions behind their actions, Mr Odinga seems to have kept his with impenetrable secrecy.

Initially, he had hinted that his attendance solely depended on whether or not the President would attend the debate.

This seems to have been his stand, only for Mr Odinga to show up at the eleventh hour and seize the golden opportunity. It is unarguably clear that, by just showing up for the debate, Mr Odinga sort of gained credibility from Kenyans who watched the debate across the nation.

By absconding the debate, it's a decision that only pokes holes in the reputation of the head of state and leaves him vulnerable to be hang by the court of public opinion.