Why the pensions department owes us answers

Plans by the Pensions Department to have all employees pay 7.5 per cent of their salaries to the pension kitty as the state contributes a similar amount are welcome but they need a clearer explanation.

According to the department, reforms are in place to bring an end to the frustrations experienced by civil servants, who have to endure a painful wait before receiving their dues.

The reforms will also enhance job mobility for civil servants as they leave one employer for another without losing their benefits.

In the past, the Government has been forced to increase the retirement age for some civil servants in order to delay payments.

Civil servants have also been forced to stay in Government for fear that they could lose their pension if they switch jobs.

But the new move could upset some who are used to taking home their entire salary.


This comes as 32,000 retired teachers from between 1998 and 2003 are set to receive at least Sh1 million in pension arrears.

The department has in the recent past been criticized for delayed services, missing files, corruption and managerial gaps.

According to press reports, the acting pensions boss, Shem Nyakutu, and the Controller of Budget were asked to explain why orders to pay the teachers had not been honored.

The question is whether the department has been saving employees’ funds and if so, how much and how safe is the money?

If enacted, the new plans will see P1 teachers who get at least Sh21, 000 part with at least Sh3, 000 to pension. The revelation is a shock to many employees who are begging for an explanation.

I urge the Pensions Department to explain the matter to Kenyans with a view to convincing them.