Am I the only who's noticed or has our beloved  generation X nowadays refrained from using protection? Oh boy, am seeing distended bellies every corner I turn. In the current world where the allure of sex is greatly emphasized, youngsters are ever busy looking for sex, thanks to easy hook-ups via the internet.


Long gone are the days where you got to meet a girl in decent places, woo her, court  her, and if you were lucky enough,ahem!..take her home. Today  on social media you can get to meet a  genuine girlfriend, a tramp, one night stand e.t.c.

Blind dates are the in thing, as these hormone-raged youngsters agree to have sex faster than it took most people to forget the Kidero slap. Am not in any way supporting pre- marital sex, but if one got sense enough, they should at least use protection since there are grave consequences which are STI's and unwanted pregnancies.

I was shocked to learn that complete strangers decide to hook up in clubs, and after a few drinks end up in the car park to have a quickie with(out) a condom.

A new survey shows that Kenyan children are starting to have sex as early as 10-years-old, with girls having more of it. And by about age 20, there is virtually no virgin among both genders. The report which involved 9189 households also found out that majority of Kenyans still engage in risky sexual behaviours; only about 11 per cent of women and less than 50 per cent of men are consistently using condoms even when they do not know the HIV status of their partners.

Enough with statistics, am literally seeing the erosion of our esteemed African values. Young girls and boys will be spoiling their future and end up 'rearing' children, get disease and ruin their life, all because of five minute pleasure. True love waits!