What’s the big deal with Carrefour this festive season?

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How time flies.

One day you are kids, with those hilarious pet names. Before you can say Hallelujah, you are the uncles and aunts organizing the family’s annual Christmas gathering. And your generation doesn’t disappoint - one of you inevitably becomes the happy-go-lucky, slightly-tipsy uncle teaching pranks to nephews and nieces.

This uncle is always in charge of slaughtering the goat!

When we were kids, father was always the serious adult in the family. In the midst of lively chatter boxes, his sisters, and beer-swirling brothers during these gatherings, he would remain aloof and sober. He was the uncelebrated Gandhi, the oracle of sorts and a mediator amongst his siblings.

Understandable because he had been a terrific single parent to my twin brother and I. Thus the demeanor of someone with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

All through high school, he would spot the same fade-brown leather jacket to every function. He wouldn’t miss any. The image of that jacket spurred me (and to some extent, my brother), to ignore the little hardships in school, then, and score good grades.

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That melancholic man saw us through college, and here we are. My brother is dangerously close to being the uncle-slaughtering the goat, but, doing well in the city.

We had decided to treat this pillar of strength this December. The annual Christmas gathering at our rural home could do without a mediator, this once. Let’s treat this man to the city, after a lifetime in the village.

Online shopping - was the first culture shock.                                              

Papa, meet Carrefour - The Home of Deals

Carrefour, is a one-stop shop for all household groceries and fresh foods, and has crazy festive season offers with incredibly slashed prices. The shop has an able online shopping presence through Jumia Food and Jumia Mall Delivery time for online orders via Jumia Food is usually 2hrs.

My brother dabbled on his Jumia Food App as I drove, shopping for groceries and basic household necessities. Our bachelor pad was bare, but, true to their word, our arrival coincided with the delivery from Carrefour. We live in Ruaka.

Besides Ruaka, I came to find out that Carrefour delivers - in utmost 2hrs - to several other locations:  Loresho, Kiambu Rd, UN Avenue, Nyari, Mountain View and Muthaiga. A concept my father found quite perplexing.  Understandably so because for decades his shopping has always come from Kwa Mburu’s mini shop. Dad could not believe that we ordered from a phone and shopping was delivered to our house. My brother and I decided that we’d take him to a Carrefour store the next day. That night my mind wandered off to sleep thinking about the best item to shop for dad, and it hit me, how about a new TV? A digital TV to be precise.

It was about time his old 14-inch television retired. Off I slept, happpy, with a plan.

The next day, my brother and I settled on going to the closest Carrefour, which is the one at Two Rivers Mall.  Our faces were beaming with excitement, not because only because we had hatched a plan with my brother to surprise Dad with a mini shopping spree, a new digital TV being on top of the list but because we knew about the generous discounts offered by Carrefour. Their promotions provided an opportune time to kit up our bachelor pad, I had seen the offers they had on their app so I knew for sure that Njaanuary would have nothing on us.

Christmas Tree offer at Carrefour Kenya.

I didn’t fancy a microwave, though, despite an incredibly low price tag on it. Once, in college, I had found my brother one morning using the microwave to dry off wet sneakers. Tsk!

I soon learnt these friendly prices and Christmas season offers weren’t unique to Carrefour Two Rivers. They are available in all the Carrefour shops in malls across the city: Sarit Centre, Galleria Mall, The Junction Mall, The Village Market, The Hub Karen and Thika Road Mall (TRM) and on Jumia Mall as well.

Aside: Good old Papa was smitten with Carrefour for absolutely different things, though. One, they offer after sales services for gadgets and appliances. Two, trendy packaging with funky re-usable bags!

So guys, this is to tell you that you can add extra cheer this holiday with Carrefour.

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