At a glance: Here is how Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yatani’s belt-tightening will work

Foreign travel

All domestic air travels for Cabinet Secretaries will be on economy class from now henceforth and ministries have been directed to use technology to transact office operations abroad. 

The ministries will now communicate through teleconferences and contact foreign missions and embassies to transact government businesses.

However International meetings and workshops may only be considered depending on their impact on the public and the delegation that will be led by the CS should not exceed three people including the CS himself. 

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While delegation led by the PS will not exceed three people. 

Communication and airtime allowances

The airtime allowances given to staff in various ministries will be reduced by 30 per cent and they will now be forced to use internet calls for communication purposes. 

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Government transport

Officers with commuters’ allowances in various ministries have been warned against using government transport outside official working hours and if found such officers will be required to forfeit the equivalent of one month's transport allowance.

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The Government Vehicle Check Unit has been directed to impound vehicles being used outside official working hours without the necessary authority and surcharge those in contravention.

Renting and partitioning of Offices

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has been tasked with developing standards and space of public offices.

The ministry will also ensure that rented public offices are payable.

All ministries, departments, and agencies have been directed to exhaust lease of office space in government buildings first before acquiring space from the market.

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All Government-sponsored training will now be conducted only in the Country by the Kenya School of Government and other Government training institutions except for highly specialized courses.


Officers in various ministries will now use Ministry’s websites to publicise strategic plans, service charters or events instead of newspapers and television. 


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Public offices will now face the rationalization of newspapers after the previous spending budget on newspapers being slashed by a quarter.

Acquisition of motor vehicles

The government is fast tracking the passage of a Transport Policy. In the meantime, the existing guidelines on transport for selected senior officers in Ministries, Chief Officers of Parastatals/SAGAs and all Authorized Officers will be enforced.


The government has reduced the provision for purchase of furniture by 75 per cent for the next three years and has categorically affirmed that any purchase of furniture be restricted to locally manufactured products.

Living within means

According to a press release by the Ministry of Treasury and Planning, the austerity measures on the budget is aimed at enhancing prudent financial management by ensuring that we live within our means, create savings for service delivery.

The measures will be in force until the President decides otherwise. 

The enforcement of the imposed budget cuts now lies in the hands of the accounting officers of the various ministries, departments, and agencies. 

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