Amazing Jaqanaz, resort that lights up Mt Kenya’s tourism conferencing

Hotel rooms are always designed to contain multiple sources of lighting. While some of them might be overhead fixtures, a greater number are usually freestanding lamps, with dimmers so that people can adjust for brightness. And having a light on each side of the bed—whether sconces or lamps—is a hotel-room must. (Courtesy)
Picture this: The East Wing offers a perfect view of Mount Kenya while the West Wing offers a view of the Aberdares.

Located in the countryside Naromoru, Nyeri County, Jaqanaz Resort is a promise of two geographical sites wrapped in an African setting.

“We draw our name from a bird. This is what guided our theme which is purely African at heart and expression. We are passionate when it comes to conservation of wildlife,” says Managing director Jane Gichuki.

She adds: “It has been five years of construction but we have not lost the dream and theme. The music we play is African in letter and spirit.”

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Indeed, the auditorium which can seat up to 100 persons is shaped into a heart. While the dining hall can accommodate up to 60 persons, the mini-bar has a capacity of 80 persons with a spill-over space in case of large numbers. Being located on the border of Laikipia and Nyeri counties, the resort has recorded a growing demand for conferencing facilities. “Our location makes us unique,” says Mrs Gichuki.

Meet demand

“With the devolved system, search for conference facilities has been growing. We have tapped into this opportunity. We saw this opportunity and we are living the dream.”

The facility is also tailored for medium budgets. “This is a three-star experience in the countryside. We believe all groups must sample the hospitality that we offer,” she says.

“This is why we remain within the budget bracket. June to September is our peak but all other seasons remain open for conferencing. By sticking to the budget, we are ensuring more Kenyans are sampling our hospitality within their means,” she adds.

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Jaqanaz is one of the projects financed by the Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC).

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