Cat set to Inherit Sh15 billion fortune

Karl Lagerfeld and his cat that will inherit his fortunes(Image: Instagram @karllagerfeld)
If you thought the amounts of money inherited by human heirs of the rich and celebrities all over the world is objectionable, then wait till you see the millions bequeathed on their loyal pets than their spoiled kids.

Karl lagerfeld a renowned director of the French fashion house channel, joins the list of world opulent personalities, to bequeath his estimated wealth of Sh15 billion(150 million dollars) to his cat.

Lagerfeld aged 85, who died on Tuesday after long standing battle with pancreatic cancerdid not have a wife. Before his death, he trusted his wealth to his pet, which he named Miss Choupette, among other heirs.

Choupette which langerfeld once said was his true love, will get her paws on millions of dollars if certain legalities are observed.

As per the German law, felines can inherit chattels if it was nominated as a "heir" to someone's fortunes.

The cat which has starred in a dozen of modelling campaigns, has an estimated worth of Sh250 million, inheriting the fashion icon's fortune will see her' top the list of the richest felines.

Choupette lifestyle

Interestingly as you strive to make your ends meet, Choupette has a chef, haidresser and two maids who tends to her needs. The cat eats in a silver dish and listens to music when eating.

Choupette also has 50,000 followers on twitter and 122,000 on Instagram.

Other heirs set to inherit Mr Lagerfeld's fortune is his 11-year-old godson Hudson Kroenig, who made his modelling debut for Chanel at just two years old.

Mr. langerfeld 11-year-old godson Hudson Kroenig (Image: Instagram @karllagerfeld)
Other cases of pet inheriting wealth

Despite the fact that choupette is expected to be the richest feline, once accorded her share of the worldly goods, it will not be the first pet to have received millions of shillings as a "heir".

Long before it became a reality, an American singer, songwriter and dancer, Michael Jackson left his chimp bubbles more than Sh200 milion payable upon his death.

In 2009 Majel  Barret –Roddenberry American actress and producer left his dogs more than Sh400 million for upkeep plus additional Sh100 million for domestic employee to take care of them.

An American media executive Oprah Winfrey was once quoted saying, that if her house caught fire, the one personal asset she will fight to rescue her five dogs and if such attempt fails and she dies, her dogs  will be taken care of with a sizeable portion of her estate reserved for them as a trust.

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