Mentorship enhances individual perspective

One of the most priceless experiences and wisdom I’ve gathered over the years is the appreciation of human motivation.

Look at our lives, we are all fighting different battles on various fronts. From our marriages, careers, business and even political aspirations, we are always fighting to progress from one stage to the other.

However, an interesting but often ignored fact is that we have different motivating factors in our daily lives. This happens even in situations where we all expect a common motivating factor.

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For example, not all employees are motivated by high salaries or attractive perks. Similarly, not all married couples are motivated to raising a nuclear family, but focus on status and wealth creation and even choose to adopt a child or a pet.

On the work front, some employees cherish a conducive work environment and celebration of their intellectual contribution than a bonus cheque. That’s just how life is…

Undoubtedly, life is an interesting journey of learning and experiencing the reality and the nature of human beings. Dealing with people is the most complex thing in this world; which reflects our capabilities and attitude towards life.

The purpose of life is to seek happiness and remain relevant, which warrants an immense effort from us. We are confronted by various situations which have to be managed appropriately.

In order to manage them, we need to manage ourselves first.

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Knowledge, clarity, composure, compassion, dynamism and fairness are critical factors which create an identity and credibility. It attracts people to be receptive to the suggestions and guidance.

Success in situational management is not all that is guaranteed and hence one must manage time, language, approach and offer solutions which attract people to have a dialogue.

History has the evidences of super personalities who were successful as ambassadors to manage very critical situations which would have otherwise impacted the world adversely if not managed prudently.

Different approach

The critical thing is to understand and appreciate the challenges of various situations and make conscious efforts to dig into the cause and effect while managing to find a solution. The essence is to diffuse the tension and  find a common ground to create harmony?.

Every situation requires a different approach based on the intensity, the people involved and the priorities, be it a business, social, religious or political environment. Business, political or even family level leaders who attempt to manage a situation have to be impartial, fair and transparent besides being eloquent, pragmatic and diplomatic. In military circles, situational management is manifested in the principle of leadership from the front.

This is a special skill acquired through experience and everyone must have it as they move on with their lives.

Let us not ignore the consequences of mismanaging situations, which is common in any environment, particularly the business. The major impact is the morale of the employees which has a snow-balling effect on productivity, safety and brand equity.?

On the social front, it demotivates people, dilutes their loyalty and even drives them crazy to resort to separation.?

This skill

There are situations when the leaders take a stand and subject themselves to criticism, but in the course of time, people get to understand that it makes sense after a while.?

This sounds like a gamble, yet a method, adopted by great leaders who made a difference in this world. Let us not discount the fact some miserably failed due to emotional decisions dictated by their egos and self-esteem.

Hence, it becomes imperative that people at the helm of affairs must have this critical skill and deploy it appropriately to handle situations and achieve their goals.?

The education curriculum and the environment in the businesses must offer adequate exposure to help developing this skill to create more confidence in the students and professionals, respectively. They are the future leaders of a family, a business and the country.?

In Ivy League schools, the case study method induces students to look at various methods of solving issues. At the business management level, role play helps professionals to understand and tweak their capabilities. A transport manager who does not appreciate the environment his drivers operate in cannot improve the efficiency.

A political leader who does not appreciate everyday struggles of the mwananchi will also fare poorly.?

Mentorship certainly enhances the perspectives and improves upon their decision-making ability. There are various ways in which we can help instilling and enhancing the skill to manage situations.?

Mr Ramamurthy, is a Business Leader and currently serves as the CEO at Bidco Africa [email protected]

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