Things to consider when designing elegant balcony garden

Whether you prefer a beautiful collection of container-grown bushes for beauty, a few tomato plants for your kitchen, or your very own herb garden, the balcony often provides the space and just about the right environment to succeed. [Photo: Standard]
When designing a balcony garden,go for cool colours like blue or violet for a serene environment. These colours will tend to recede from the viewer and make the space appear larger.

 Extensive use of warm colours will make the space appear smaller. Use them sparingly as accents. For balance, combine upright plants with spreading and trailing ground covers proportionately.

Bring the outdoor in the balcony with plants. [Photo: Standard]
Arrange the plants so that the tallest ones take the centre positions on planters, followed by the shorter ones along the edges.

 If the planter is against a wall or at a corner, work your way from back to front, start with the tallest plants at the back.

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