Tuskys to give 50pc discounts

Retailer Tuskys Mattresses announces a customer reward campaign
Retailer Tuskys Mattresses, in conjunction with leading local and international suppliers, has announced a customer reward campaign slated for the coming weekend.

The campaign in Nairobi, Juja, Eldoret and Kisumu will act as the final leg for the ongoing Tuskys Gigantic Sale, with discounts of up to 50 per cent on a range of retail products.

Speaking when he confirmed the scheduled ‘Black Friday’ sale scheduled to start on Thursday, Group Chief Executive Dan Githua said the sale has received a major boost from suppliers who are providing quality electronics, furniture and related household goods for sale.

In Nairobi, Tuskys T-Mall has also secured extra parking space at Moi Educational Centre and PCEA Nairobi West to guarantee shoppers convenience.

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Mr Githua said the retailer will present sofa sets, dining table sets, entry level and premium television sets, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators and cookers at up to half price.

The support of retail suppliers, he said, has inspired the recovery of the retail market which had suffered a slowdown last year.

“The recovery of the local retail market has enjoyed the support of our partners who are providing quality in-season merchandise during the Tuskys Gigantic Sale Grand Finale through to Sunday,” Githua said.

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