How To Make money on Youtube with 5 Tips

Youtube logo. [Photo: Courtesy]
In the recent times, YouTubers earn big money. Are you wondering how? YouTube has more than a billion unique users per month which are definitely a massive audience.

Your return stands at $2-$4 approximately with every 1000 views on your YouTube video. It sounds really petty but, for instance, when you get an average of 5000 views on each video and post at least 100 of them, you can get returns of about $1000-$2000 which is a decent amount.

With the recent changes in the YouTube policy, it has become very difficult to make money on YouTube. However, Filmora has launched a campaign recently to win a Sony Alpha a6000 free for YouTubers. According to the partner program rules, your channel has to have 10000-lifetime views. With the rules set and vague ideas of the users, let’s check out how to make money on YouTube.

1.High-quality video and audio

Image stabilization and good sound quality do matter a lot. Do you think your viewers would like watching a jerky and shaky video with vague audibility? No one will ever prefer watching such a poor quality video. Therefore, it would be a great idea to invest on a tripod and if you love to capture handheld shots, optical image stabilization or wider lens can work wonders. The background noises must always be edited or use a microphone for crystal clear recording.

2.Content is important

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Any and every contest does find a space on YouTube but only if it is of high-quality. Content plays a major role in attracting the attention of your viewers. Your audience would always look for something new. So, offering your viewers something unique and giving them a great reason to watch your video is important.

3.Create engagement with your audience

In today’s digital world, it is highly important to connect with your audience. They must feel that you are easily accessible. Creating a followers community and engaging with your audience at personal level can rope in more viewers.

Replying to the comments posted on your video or simply clicking on emojis, inviting conversation by asking questions, and liking and commenting on other YouTuber’s videos can help in building a strong audience base and creating engagement with your viewers.

1.Make use of analytics

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The channel menu on YouTube offers various analytics. From identifying the gender and age of your audience to detecting the time and location, YouTube analytics offers it all. You may check if the right set of the audience is being targeted at the right time, if you are not happy with the results, you may keep a track of the analytics and change to suit your requirement, improve channel,  and increase viewership.

2.Optimise Youtube SEO

There are several YouTubers in the rat-race who create their channels and offer unique content too but the lack of knowledge in organic search optimization lead to their failure. Considering the phrases and keywords that sum up your content prior to creating the video and adding keywords in the tags, description, heading, and sub-headings can help in optimizing your content and rank higher in the YouTube.

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