City Hall enforces new rules on PSVs

County askaris have started enforcing new rules governing the operation of public service vehicles.

The county authorities ordered that only two vehicles per sacco be allowed into the city centre.

The askaris were busy for the better part of the day patrolling the central business district to enforce the directive.

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Most saccos kept sneaking in more vehicles, picking up passengers and rushing out to avoid being impounded. The crews also positioned their members strategically to monitor the movement of the county askaris. 

According to the regulations, only two public service vehicles (PSVs) per sacco are allowed into the city centre. Each vehicle is allowed a maximum of five minutes to drop off and pick up passengers.

Saccos such as Umoinner and Utimo, which operate the Umoja route, Marvellous Sacco that operates on the Komarock route as well as those going to Githurai were the most affected.

Umoja route

Umoinner drivers went round Tom Mboya Street and Haile Selassie Avenue to save their vehicles from being impounded.

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“If county officers impound any of our vehicles, we will have to pay between Sh5,000 and Sh200,000 for them to be released. We cannot afford the fine,” said Calvin Huru, who works for Umoinner.

“I do not think it is possible for a bus to pick up passengers in five minutes after staying in a traffic jam for hours. These regulations will not work,” said Mr Huru.

Several buses that operate on the Githurai route were impounded and the conductors arrested for flouting the new rule.

Vehicles from Upper Hill asked passengers to alight in traffic jams to allow those leaving town to board.

Mr Peter Mbaya, the director of operations at City Hall, said the rules were working and that there was no going back.

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