KRA disowns ledgers claiming businesswoman doesn’t pay taxes

LSK denied knowledge of the individual, who produced the documents and purported to be a lawyer. [Courtesy]
The taxman has disowned documents that claimed a Nairobi businesswoman does not pay taxes. 

The Kenya Revenue Authority wrote to businesswoman Agnes Kagure’s lawyer to disown the ledgers that were in circulation saying they did not originate from their system.  She had demanded to know the source of the documents saying they were being used to taint her image.

“The instructions we have from the commissioner of domestic taxes is that he is unable to confirm the source of those ledgers. However, KRA printed ledgers will bear the name of the person who printed, time and date of the print which aspect is missing in the subject ledgers referred to,” said part of a letter from KRA to Kagure’s lawyer Michael Osundwa. 

The letter by the taxman’s legal department and written by PM Mutuku on June 11 was in reaction to a query by Mrs Kagure on the genuineness of the documents purporting to be from KRA. 

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At the same time, the Law Society of Kenya has disowned a lawyer who had allegedly commissioned documents alleging Mrs Kagure did not go to university does not exist in their register. 

However, LSK denied knowledge of the individual, who produced the documents and purported to be a lawyer.

“We confirm that according to our records we do not have an advocate by the above mentioned name. The purported practice… should be subject to criminal investigation,” said LSK’s Flowrence Muturi. 

Ms Muturi was responding to Mrs Kagure’s Lawyer Nick Ndichu who sought to know if the person who commissioned the documents is a practising lawyer as claimed. 

Mrs Kagure is among those being mentioned as possible candidates for nominations to be city deputy governor. 

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She says she believes this is part of the reasons behind the production of the documents. “It is all politics and the aim is to injure my reputation. Let those behind the schemes stop,” she said.

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