Row: Nyong’o sister speaks on property list fight

Kisumu County Governor Anyang' Nyong'o. His sister Nyagoy says one nephew was always away from home.[File, Standard]
A governor and his sister have admitted to leaving out some siblings from the list of beneficiaries of their father’s property.

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o and his sister Nyagoy Nyong’o, however, objected to the inclusion of two nephews, Geoffrey Omondi and Kenneth Odhiambo, as co-administrators of the estate.

In the suit, Odhiambo and Omondi, the eldest sons of Margaret Awuor and Judith Nyong’o, both deceased, want their families included as beneficiaries of the expansive estate.

They argued that other family members were on the the list, but their mothers were left out.

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Never returned

Yesterday, Nyagoy, who also represented Prof Nyong’o, told a Kisumu court that the omissions were not done in bad faith. She said that one of her siblings, Charles Nyong’o, disappeared in 1980 and never returned home.

Nyagoy argued that even though Nyong’o took care of his two nephews after the death of their parents, they were not beneficiaries of their grandfather’s property.

“Nyong’o has six children and Omondi was treated like one of them,” said Nyagoy.

She claimed that Odhiambo’s name was not included because he was not considered part of the family as he was away from home most of the time.

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Nyagoy admitted that a grant issued in 2014 for the estate had a number of discrepancies, including a wrong name and the omission of her mother’s name.

Another letter presented in court that was reportedly written by a chief also indicated that some of the names of their siblings were left out.

“I only learnt about the errors in the grant last week,” she said.

In an earlier proceeding, the governor dismissed the case in a joint affidavit as incompetent and intended to paint the family in a bad light.

But Omondi yesterday said he only learnt about the succession last year when he sought help from family members . The case will be mentioned on July 31.

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