Government seals pay rise deal with civil servants in court

Civil servants get pay rise

More than 130,000 civil servants have been handed a Christmas boon in form of a basic salary increment of between 16 and 30 percent backdated to last July.

This after the Government and the civil servants’ union on Wednesday signed the collective bargaining agreement before Employment and Labour Relations court judge Maureen Onyango.

Apart from the basic pay increment, the workers will benefit from a raft of allowances, with the higher pay expected this month.

The taxpayer will part with Sh84 billion over four years in order to fulfill the agreement.

The lowest paid civil servant, under group A to D, will pocket Sh12,192 whereas the highest paid, in group N, will earn Sh81,184.

Annual leave allowance will be tabulated between Sh4,000 for group A to J and 6,000 for group L, M and N.

Commuter allowance will be between Sh3,000 for the lowest paid and Sh6,000 for group N.

 “This agreement shall apply to all employees of the national government even those deployed in the counties,” the agreement reads.

Military personnel, teachers and National Intelligence Service staff were, however, excluded from the new deal.

A State employee in hardship areas will earn leave allowance twice per year.

At the same time, transfers to new stations that are more than 40km from the old stations will have a civil servant earn an allowance equivalent to one month’s basic salary.

The allowance will be paid before the employee is released.

 Surveyors, hydrologists, engineers, geologists and inspectors of works will, however, not benefit from the transfer allowance.

Baggage allowance

Also, those who will request transfers and employees who are posted in a station on temporary basis for a period less than three months will not qualify for this allowance.

“While travelling on first appointment, transfer or termination of appointment, an officer shall be provided with a Government vehicle to transport the luggage,” the agreement reads.

“In the absence of a vehicle, the officer will be eligible for a baggage allowance in accordance with the provisions of the Human Resource policies and procedures.”

House allowances will be between Sh2,250 and Sh35, 000.

However, there will be no free houses for the civil servants in places where the government owns houses.

“Where an employer is providing housing accommodation, an employee shall pay to an appropriate rent for the accommodation,” the deal sealed Wednesday also read.

Medical, dental officers and pharmacists who are ion group L, M and N will earn the 12,000, 19,000 and 32,000 in non-practice allowances.

At the same time, doctors, nurses, clinical officers and laboratory technicians will earn between Sh2,000 and Sh20,000 as health risk allowance.

On the extraneous allowances, the health workers will pocket Sh5,000 and Sh40,000 as extraneous allowance.

The lowest paid in this the category will be support staff in hospitals, followed by drivers and paramedics deployed in health facilities.

Mortuary attendants close the bracket of the lowest paid with Sh10,000 for those in urban centres and Sh12,000 for those in hardship areas.

Medical interns will earn Sh66,000 for emergency calls and a doctor who is in group N and M will earn Sh72,000 for the same.

Clinical officers who are called for emergency services will pocket Sh10,000.

Health allowance for the health workers will be between Sh7,500 which will be paid to a mortuary attendant and Sh20,000 to doctors who are in group G to L.

Nursing services will attract Sh15,000 for a doctor in job group M and above and in group G to L they will get Sh20,000.

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