How to hang curtains on a rail

1 Iron your curtain to remove all the creases. A steam iron can be very effective with large drapery.

2 Find a tip of curtain tape at the top of your curtain. It usually has three rows of string threaded through it.

3 Pull the string in order to achieve a gathered appearance. Ensure you tie a firm but easy-to-untie knot in one end of the strings on the outside edge of each curtain once you have achieved the amount of gathering required.

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4 Count the number of runners on your rail. If runners are too few to comfortably fit the curtain, then add more runners and recount. Ensure you always have a generous amount of runners.

5 Place equivalent amount of curtain hooks on the curtain at regular intervals. For example, place a hook on every fourth or fifth pocket to ensure that the weight of the curtain is evenly distributed. Keep hooks close enough to each other to avoid sagging.

6 Hang the hooks onto the curtain, ensuring that hook is properly fitted so it does not fall out. The hooks should not hang on the rail edge stoppers as this will affect the mobility of the curtain.

7 Distribute the gathers and pleats evenly across the width of the curtain.

8 Though this process takes time, it will be worthwhile as curtains will return to orderly form each time they are opened. Look back and enjoy your beautiful curtains.

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