By Beauttah Omanga

Foreign envoys will continue castigating leaders if they go off track, British High Commissioner Rob Macaire has said.

Macaire said international partners would not shy from raising concerns on areas affecting Kenyans.

"We and the international partners are here to help, to provide practical and moral support in peace initiatives across the country and that support means speaking out when things seem to be going off track," said Macaire.

Speaking during the Queen’s Birth Day Party at his Nairobi residence, the envoy asked Kenyans to find ways to overcome challenges facing the country.

Help the needy

"I firmly believe that if that happens, Kenya has a great future ahead of it and can regain its position as a leader and example to all countries in its neighbourhood," he said.

He said the UK would continue to support vulnerable people in the country through the Sh16 billion 10-year package.

He said the funds, channelled through the Hunger Safety Programme, would be disbursed to the most needy in form of direct cash transfers.

Other guests at the ceremony were Cabinet ministers George Saitoti, Sally Kosgei, Mohammed Elmi and Assistant ministers Peter Kenneth and Lewis Nguyai.

Also present were other ambassadors and company chief executives.

Elmi, who is the North Eastern Region Development Minister, challenged fellow ministers to comply with Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive that they revert to cheaper cars.

He said it was morally wrong for ministers to stick to fuel guzzlers.

"I agree with the Finance minister that the big cars are uneconomical and that is why I drove here in a cheap Toyota Corolla," he said, attracting applause from the dignitaries present.

He castigated ministers for being obsessed with big cars.

"It is unfortunate that politics is largely associated with good life and big cars that our country cannot afford at the moment," he said.

Some ministers have publicly opposed the order by Uhuru, saying they deserve the big cars.

Housing Minister Soita Shitanda has since vowed not to let go his comfortable car, saying the smaller cars are meant for teenagers and would rather use a bicycle than a cheaper car.

By Dominic Omondi 10 hours ago
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