Conjestina’s son breaks silence on claims that his mother razed her house, gives an update on her health status

Conjestina displays some of her titles. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

After numerous attempts by people to help Congestine Achieng, none of them has borne fruit.

According to her son Charltone Otieno, a majority have been doing it for Public Relations purposes.

Speaking on Vybez Radio, during the Friday Morning show, Otieno said that his mother is still at home ailing.

"People make promises that they don’t own, maybe they do it with a reason. Most of them were not honest. Maybe they were doing it for PR," said Otieno.

He pointed out that Heroes Council, an organization that takes care of sportsmen, promised to take care of her after she was discharged from the hospital.

However, they never honoured their promise.

Charltone Otieno speaking on Vybez Radio, on the Friday Morning show [Photo standard]

 "We had this promise from the Heroes Council. The last time I checked they were working with media personality Carol Radull. Last year, they took her to hospital and three months later they came to Radul promising to find Conje a house, and cater for her needs -but since she left the hospital nothing has happened. Conje is stack at home with her ailment," he added.

Otieno said his mother's sickness has affected him immensely until he developed depression. He said growing up as his son has not been easy.

"All my hopes and my dreams were on my mother. I didn't have anybody apart from her. I developed pressure and depression which affected me most," noted Otieno.

"I had hopes that it was going to be well soon like any other disease since she was barely 36 years."

Otieno further added Conje, after diagnosis she was not found with any ailment.

 "She was taken to hospital and diagnosed but unfortunately nothing was found. She was given drugs which responded well," said Otieno.

He refuted claims that his mother razed her house saying it was just a normal accident.

Conjestina Achieng' [File, Standard]

"The burning of the house was not intentional. It was in the morning as she had woken up leaving a candle on her bed when she stepped out. On coming back, the mattress had caught fire resulting in the inferno," added Otieno.

 "It was not as a result of my mother's sickness as people had put it. It was just a normal accident."

Nicknamed Hands of Stone, Conje beat Ugandan Fiona Tugume to take the WIBF middle weight title. She lost out in a controversial title fight to then WBC and WBA Super Middleweight Natasha Ragosina of Russia.
She had a total of 27 bouts at the time of quitting the ring with the last being held on 27th February 2010 against Angel Mackenzie which she won 17-6-4. Out of the 27 bouts, Conje won 17, drew four and lost six.