Why good wives are most likely to cheat on their men

I know of a married woman, whose dowry is going to be paid for the second time, by a married man that she is dating.They have a child together and my friend’s husband is in the dark. This is the story of Wesline, a married woman, and mother of four that is currently in two active relationships.
The juice of it is that the second man is also married and he is also aware Wesline is married. He loves her so much that he doesn’t mind paying dowry, sleeping with her and even getting a child together.

What is dowry and why is it paid? Can one woman be paid for dowry twice? Doesn’t it mean that the receiving family has agreed to be in a relationship with the family? It is an appreciation for the family accepting to be in-laws and also a show that the groom is capable of taking care of the bride.

Once this second dowry is paid, what does it translate to? Is the woman officially in two unions? Wesline is not bothered at all by the upcoming events.
The baby girl she bore is a replica of the father. So far, he has bought her land and is willing to invest in her.  Some days, Wesline feels like ending the relationship since it’s draining and some days, she misses him.

Recently, he invited her and the baby to Nairobi and even booked a flight for them and a stay at a hotel, for three days. It was exciting for Wesline, who has never boarded a flight before. She lied to her husband that they were attending a birthday party for a friend. The husband bought the story. It was a worthy trip from her stories and the relationship seems to be blossoming each passing day.

She is getting comfortable in her second relationship. She is so open with her husband. Her phone has no password and he even has her PIN numbers. There is nothing to indicate that she is cheating. That is how good women are and can hide all their tracks successfully. The day of reckoning may come yes, but she will have done amazingly well to get to where she is.  I will be keenly following to see if the dowry payments have any impact or if she will have to surrender one relationship once the dowry is received.