XN Iraki

  • New inheritance law leaves boychild reeling

    1 day ago
    In most Kenyan communities, women were not allowed to inherit wealth from their parents as that was reserved for male heirs. Some men even refused to pay dowry till they got a male heir. Traditionally, chieftain or kingship was passed to males. That mentality has persisted to the present.
  • The economics of witchcraft

    2 weeks ago
    It is the high time economists, the high priests of social sciences, became bolder and looked at some overlooked issues that seem to defy the graphs and equations popular with them and which put off many ordinary Kenyans.
  • Will NASA’s product boycott work?

    2 weeks ago
    Just when we thought politics and economics were getting parallel, boycott has brought them together. Could it be a realisation that political power comes through economics?
  • Is economy the new pawn in Kenya’s political chess game?

    1 month ago
    The downturn was notably minimal after the 2013 polls. This time, however, it seems we are making up for this minimal downturn before the repeat presidential election on Thursday.
  • We should tear down these walls…

    1 month ago
    In most countries, including Rwanda, there are no ugly walls around homes or offices. What we learned from Rwanda about polythene bags should apply to the walls. Curiously, even Kenyan police stations are now surrounded by walls.
  • Beyond Concours d’Elegance: A city in search of recreation

    1 month ago
    The racecourse off Ngong road is famous for horse races and golfing. But last week, none of these activities took place.
  • There’s lots more to hustling than making money

    1 month ago
    Hustlers are known for doing all they can to make ends meet. For most of them, life is a long struggle. From the rising of the sun to its going down, they must work.