Ruth Lubembe

  • How to stage a lie and get away with it

    5 days ago
    It turned out that the visit to see giraffes didn’t take that long so he and his friend decided to venture into an animal orphanage nearby.
  • What the youngsters have taught me

    3 weeks ago
    My dad used to say he would live long because he laughed a lot, and the reason he laughed a lot was because he spent quite time among young people
  • Oh how things have changed

    1 month ago
    Why would a right-thinking individual would walk into a shop, voluntarily pick torn clothing and leave good money behind?
  • Eggs, our holy grail

    2 months ago
    Every home has a food, or foods, that are staples.These are food items that everyone eats, that move fast and whose presence in the kitchen and fridge
  • No place like home

    2 months ago
    No place is better than home because everything is familiar therefore very comfortable.