Daniel Wesangula and Agencies

  • This Man Trump

    2 months ago
    Trump has shown an unprecedented unwillingness to keep to well established diplomatic protocols
  • No pomp while ferrying Pope Francis

    2 years ago
    In two days’ time, Pope Francis will touch down in Nairobi in one of the most anticipated visits by any high ranking official in the Catholic Church over the past 20 years as he kicks off his first Africa tour.
  • Everyone wants a share of Brand Mandela

    4 years ago
    Nelson Mandela was truly an exceptional, one in a lifetime character. But in old age, sickness and eventual death, he was a storyline, similar to many others on the continent, that cuts through his lineage with a finality that reminds us that he, too, was human.
  • Mandela's towering legacy

    4 years ago
    As the world continues to mourn his departure, Nelson Mandela has left behind a legacy that will be hard to match by any current or future leader.
  • Mandela joins members of his league

    4 years ago
    As the world mourns and celebrates the life of Madiba, few individuals can hold a candle to the achievements that Nelson Mandela made as a statesman.