Charles Chanchori

  • How to be a successful barmaid

    2 days ago
    “Thing about serving alcohol is that looks matter. You cannot, in the eyes of a majority of beerholders, be ugly then wait tables in a bar.”
  • Thou shall not judge!

    1 week ago
    Just because something makes sense to you, does not mean it will to somebody else....
  • Honesty is expensive

    3 weeks ago
    Honesty is an expensive virtue in relationship.
  • Bad bed business

    1 month ago
    Most time couples talk about bedroom matters openly only when their relationship has broken beyond repair.
  • Headache to heaven

    1 month ago
    They say “one-two, one-two, microphone testing, one-two, one-two.” The microphones are ready.
  • The boy with Asperger

    2 months ago
    I dated a rock once. Girl couldn’t express emotion to save a baby from drowning.
  • Don’t expect gratitude

    2 months ago
    I haven’t had an interesting passenger all week. I was too busy staying buried inside my head to pay much attention to anything else.