Mr President, sack advisers, CSs who've subjected you to ridicule

President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua at State House in February 2024. [PCS]

President William Ruto must urgently inculcate the principle of collective responsibility in his Cabinet. Talking at each other in parables in public is easily eating into his focus of serving the public as the clock ticks towards 2027.

The President must now read the riot act to his Cabinet or simply dissolve it and pick new Cabinet secretaries (CSs) who are ready to work.

Also to be fired, are the advisers who have let him down by misleading him into making unpopular decisions, among them the new tax measures that have led to the current mass action.

They can't misguide the President, expose him to ridicule and open humiliation by influencing by coming up with unpopular decisions and be let to go unscathed.

These advisers are stirring public anger towards your government, Mr President, as they watch from the posh offices you gave them. Remind them that there is always a thin line between what their personal views are and your stand on government. 

Bring Sublic Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria and Leader of the Majority in the National Assembly Kimani Ichung'wah to order and save your deputy Rigathi Gachagua from ridicule.

The weekend public spat between Mr Kuria and the deputy president (DP) was ugly. In normal circumstances, a CS will not have the guts to lecture a principal assistant to the President. It is noteworthy that the DP has publicly complained about being sabotaged by his juniors, including those close to the President. 

The besieged DP took the fallout a notch higher when he talked about some CSs who have allegedly been bribing MCAs from Mt Kenya region with Sh20,000 each, with others pocketing Sh150,000 to undermine him.

This is a confirmation of a seriously disjointed Cabinet that can't deliver. One is forced to wonder where such easy money to bribe leaders is coming from when Kenyans are protesting against the hard economic times. Is it that Kenya is now openly a country of a handful billionaires and millions of paupers?

Such a feeling, if allowed to sink among Kenyans, will be risky should the downtrodden masses gang up.

That leaders are being bribed to undermine a democratically elected DP is unacceptable and calls for the Head of State's personal attention.

This is a dangerous route to take, more so by the ruling class. It is a true testimony that priorities and energies are being misdirected by those earning from the over taxed Kenyans. If its incompetence that has detected in the DP's office, why use money to influence his unpopularity?

Once again, those scheming against the abrasive Gachagua better think again because as National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula once said, political fallouts are always noisy and messy and the DP looks capable of confirming it.

Gachagua seems determined to stay the course until 2027 when his joint ticket with Ruto will expire. And as Kenyans continue egging him on, sooner than later, his appeal to the common man who feels downtrodden will raise his popularity and eventually, make him a force to reckon with come 2027.

What is now a manageable in-house leadership crisis will end up having its own life, which might will cost a lot in terms of resources and persuasion to manage.

Mr President, you have a proven record of being a smart operative with a convincing tongue. It's my honest view that anybody advising you to ignore Generation Z's cries is an enemy of your administration. 

Me thinks that by now, Dr Ruto should have fired whoever came up with the unpopular proposals in the 2024-2025 Finance Bill which saw his personal intervention lead to some of the proposals being dropped during the UDA parliamentary meeting ahead of tabling the Bill in Parliament.

Those behind the contentious tax proposals ought be shown the door for giving a section of Kenyans a reason to hate the Kenya Kwanza government to the point of going to the streets in protest.

Dr Ruto once promised Kenyans, that under his leadership, no life would be lost under the guise of fighting for citizens' rights—but that is happening now. Two young people have already been killed by police during the protests against his administration.

Our God fearing President, sack all those advisers and anybody behind anything that has enraged Kenyans, leading to loss of lives. After showing them the door, address the nation and in particular, Generation Z and give them a road map on how you intend to address some of their concerns, key among them job opportunities. 

This will restore the waning hope in your administration among Kenyans who feel abandoned. Break down to them how the thousands of job opportunities that you have publicly declared available in the diaspora courtesy of the many trips abroad, will be realised.  

Tell and convince the hopeless Kenyans that you mean well. The country will be calm once again as you will get ample time to execute your impressive 2022 campaign manifesto.

Finally, you should ensure that your deputy, Mr Gachagua, is settles down in his office and make him feel part and parcel of the Kenya Kwanza administration. 

His isolation is not helping matters. Ignoring the already agitated general public will be costly to your administration, sir.