AG weighs in on one-man one-shilling revenue formula debate

Attorney General Justin Muturi speaks at ACK St Barnabas Kavengero Secondary school in Kanyuambora, Mbeere North, Embu County, during a fundraiser for the modernization of the school infrastructure. [Muriithi Mugo, Standard]

Attorney General Justin Muturi has challenged the Senate to execute their oversight role prudently and push for accountability in devolved units.

Mr Muturi has asked the senators to stop the debate on revenue sharing formula.

Speaking during a fundraiser at ACK St Barnabas Kavengero Secondary school in Kanyuambora,Embu County, Muturi advised leaders to adhere to the principles of equitable revenue sharing laid out in the constitution.

He urged the leaders to tone down on the one man, one vote, one shilling debate and start a conversation on the expenditure of allocated and available resources across the counties.

"We need a conversation on how the resources have been prudently utilised in the last 11 years since the advent of devolution," he said.

The AG said counties generate their own revenue whose expenditure must also be interrogated.

"The governors are always crying that they are not able to pay workers if the National Government doesn't allocate funds, what about the ones that you collect?" he posed.

Muturi who served as the National Assembly Speaker for 10 years faulted the proponents of one man, one vote, one shilling debate.

He referred the leaders to Articles 202 and 203 of the 2010 Constitution saying they expressly outline the principles of equitable revenue sharing.

"The constitution provides an elaborate mechanism on the things to consider, with a consideration of areas lagging behind in terms of development and the cardinal rule that no parts of the country should lag behind on account that they haven't received sufficient revenue," Muturi said.

He dismissed the perceived rift between President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua terming it a difference of opinion that is normal in a democracy.

He also weighed on the Muguka issue saying that anything consumed without limits including food has side effects and therefore the stimulant should not be condemned.

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku called on the AG to help address the debate over revenue sharing, calling on a mediation between the President and his Deputy who have differed on the issue.