Maina Njenga was missing when 20 armed officers raided home, detective

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga took tea at a food Kiosk at the roadside during a court break session on May 20, 2024. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

The one-hour raid at former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga's home in Nakuru on May 12, 2023, was carried out by 20 armed officers, detectives told the court Tuesday.

Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officer Athumani Asmani, narrated how the officers were assembled at Lanet Police Station at 4 am on the material day.

Asmani who testified before Principal Magistrate Kipkurui Kibelion said that the officers were mobilised from Nakuru West Sub-County, Nakuru East, Lanet and Bahati police divisions. 

"I was called at night and I was informed that we were to conduct a raid at Maina Njenga's house," he said.

He recounted that they left the police station and proceeded to Njenga's house where uniformed officers proceeded to the gate.

"The team led by Senior Superintendent Wesley Langat instructed one of the accused, Daudi Mwangi, to open the gate before we all made entry," he said.

Asmani testified that at first, Mwangi who was also the caretaker resisted but after 15 minutes he had no choice but to open the gate.

He told the court that the police officers were divided into small groups and instructed to enter the main house and other houses to conduct a search.

Asmani said after about one hour, the police arrested eight individuals who were sleeping in different rooms and assembled them in the living room.

“Inspector Wahome Kamore, a crime scene officer later came and took photographs of the scene,” he said.

He said that police allegedly recovered two firearms, bhang, tobacco and other paraphernalia.

Asmani claimed that they found notes indicating there was a meeting held the previous day in relation to the outlawed Mungiki.

He said they found a big sufuria with food, indicating that a number of people must have been at the premises a day before.

“We did not find any bylaws or constitution to suggest that the group was an organized gang,” he said.

Officer David Machua corroborated Asmani’s testimony. He testified that he was stationed at Lanet where they assembled and left in three vehicles heading to Njenga’s home.

He said he knew the former Mungiki leader’s house and after they made their way into the compound, he was left to man the gate.

The two officers, however, could not tell whether the items they recovered from the house could be linked to the proscribed Mungiki group.

They admitted that Njenga was not in the house. However, they claimed that the fact the firearms were found in his house, meant that they were in his possession.

Njenga is charged with being a leader and member of the Mungiki group, planning criminal activities and possessing illegal firearms, ammunition and bhang. 

He is charged alongside 11 others including Mwangi.

Six witnesses have so far testified and the hearing will proceed today.