LSK demands compensation of families evicted from riparian land

LSK President Faith Odhiambo (centre). She condemned the forceful eviction of residents on riparian land. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has demanded compensation for families evicted from riparian land in Nairobi following floods.

Speaking in Nairobi on Monday, LSK President Faith Odhiambo condemned the forceful eviction of residents on riparian land in Mukuru kwa Rueben.

"We have given formal instructions to one of our members to act on behalf of the bereaved family to ensure that they get justice for the heinous acts that have led to the loss of this child's life," said Odhiambo.

LSK expressed concern over the safety of students returning to school amid floods in some parts of the country.

The lawyers noted that more than 50 schools across the country have been submerged while access roads to some schools have been cut off and buildings damaged by floods.

“The president alluded to prioritising the reconstruction of schools and in consultation with the Meteorological Department, to ensure further preparedness for the safe return of students to school. It leaves significant questions unanswered regarding the safety of students,” Odhiambo said.

"The lack of a clear national legal framework for disaster management has rendered the country ill-prepared to handle the current dire situation," she added.