Respect NADCO's recommendations on IEBC, Okango urges Parliament

KANU’s Political Affairs Secretary Fredrick Okango speaks during an interview on Spice FM. [File, Spice FM]

KANU’s Political Affairs Secretary Fredrick Okango has called on Parliament to respect the recommendations made by the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) on the selection of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioners.

Okango, speaking on Spice FM, said the recommendations were approved by Kenyans through public participation and ignoring them would be unconstitutional.

He also criticized the current selection panel for being exclusive and unrepresentative of the stakeholders and Kenyan’s interests.

“If you look at the current IEBC selection pane, it is not inclusive of the stakeholders and Kenyan’s representative. The selection panel is to be expanded to allow for inclusivity for major players in the country. Kenyans want a commission that is believable, well-represented, and wholesome,” he said on Wednesday.

NADCO had proposed that the selection panel should include a member of the Law Society of Kenya, three from the Political Parties Liaison Committee, two from the Parliamentary Service Commission, an accountant from ICPAK, and some ICT personnel.

Okango said the additional members would ensure that the commissioners had the required skills and qualifications to conduct a free, fair, and smooth General Election.

He said the inclusion of an ICT person was important as Kenya’s election was mostly run and determined by technology.

Parliament is expected to make a decision on the NADCO recommendations as it resumes its sittings.