Raging floods damage bridges in Narok

Heavy rains have affected infrastructure. [iStockphoto]

Floods have damaged bridges in Narok county disrupting transport.

The affected bridges include the Enaramatishoreki bridge that connects Enaramatishoreki to Oletukat and the vital Kimelok Bridge linking Mosiro and Majimoto/ Naroosura wards.

Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu, in the statement, said efforts are underway to repair the bridges installed in 2015 and 2018 to restore transport.

“The high rainfall has caused excessively loose soils which has in effect compromised the structural integrity of some of the ongoing projects,” read the statement in part.

The county government said it is collaborating with relevant authorities and conducting assessments to determine the impact of the heavy rains.

“Swift measures are being implemented to reinforce and enhance the affected structures, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the long-term structural integrity and safety of these critical components,” read the statement.

The county government said the heavy rains have affected infrastructure, exceeding the anticipated capacity and resilience levels.

“Contrary to suggestions implicating the structural integrity of the infrastructure, it is essential to clarify that the current issues are primarily a result of unprecedented heavy rainfall rather than inherent flaws in the design or construction of these structures,” read the statement.

The county government called on the residents to remain vigilant and monitor weather updates.

Locals have since been advised to avoid crossing swollen rivers, move to higher grounds, and not shelter under trees during rains, among other safety guidelines.