Governor Barasa wants us out, board members claim

Embattled Kakamega County Public Service Board (CPSB) Vice Chairperson Ambrose Subayi during his cross-examination on December 6, 2023. [Nathan Ochunge, Standard]

Embattled Kakamega County Public Service Board (CPSB) members have accused Governor Fernandes Barasa of being behind a bid to impeach them.

The board members claimed Barasa was the ‘author’ of the impeachment motion since some confidential documents were in the hands of the petitioner, Dennis Muhanda.

This came as the hearing of a petition to impeach the six board members came to a close.

During cross-examination, they told the County Assembly Public Service and Administration Committee that Muhanda was a surrogate of the executive.

The board members are Catherine Omweno (chairperson), Ambrose Subayi (vice chairperson), Joel Omukoko, Dr Ralph Wangatiah, Stanley Were and Sylvia Otunga.

“We carried out a staff audit and during the process we identified many irregularities and made recommendations,” said Ms Omweno.

“We met the governor in January this year and handed him our report.”

The chairperson said that they agreed with the governor that the recommendations made in the report be implemented in phases.

"I am surprised to see the HR audit report that was in the custody of the governor with the petitioner."

She questioned how confidential government documents were handed to the petitioner.

"How did the audit report end up in the petitioner’s hands?"

The petitioner claimed that the board had employed people with fake academic papers.

However, the board members' lawyer Calistus Shifwoka said that the recruits had been recommended by the governor.

“We were setting up staff at the office of the governor and he (governor) requested us to ensure the office starts running within the shortest time possible,” said Subay

The county assembly committee has retreated to make a report which should be presented to the assembly for adoption to either remove the board or maintain status quo.

The report will be presented before the assembly next week on Wednesday for consideration.