Change or face impeachment: leaders in Kiambu warn Governor Wamatangi

Ruth Waithira during an interview at Spice FM on Wednesday, August 30.[Screen Grab]

Displeased by Kiambu County Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s governance, leaders in the Kiambu have asked their governor to change or they will table an impeachment motion against him.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Wednesday, August 30,  Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa accused Wamatangi of failing to cooperate and work with leaders in the county despite President William Ruto’s guidance on the same.

According to Thang’wa, the governor’s lack of cooperation is affecting the development of the county, and if it continues, he might face impeachment.

“We started with the mediation meeting, but it did not work. I even asked the Deputy President to invite us to a meeting with the governor and in the meeting, he was addressing irrelevant issues like being removed from a WhatsApp group,” said Thang’wa.

“After the discussion with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, he did not heed the call to work with the people. It took the president’s intervention when he was in Githurai where he told him if he cannot work towards the manifesto of Kenya Kwaza, then he cannot be part of us,” he said.

Reiterating the Senator’s sentiments during an interview with Spice FM, Gathiga Member of County Assembly Ruth Waithira said the governor is running a one-man show which has seen him under-deliver to the people of Kiambu County.

According to Waithira, Wamatangi is pushing solo projects under the Wamatangi Foundation which are of less importance in the county.

“The governor does things without including us in any of the development for the county. He is doing things for himself, for example, the issuing of chicks, how is that a priority when our health services are paralyzed? He has launched several programs including the feeding program but they are all not operational and yet the funds are there. It has been a year now and nothing has been done,” said Waithira.

Additionally, the Member of the County Assembly accused the governor of snubbing talks with the county assembly despite their several efforts.

“We have been using our different committees and their chairs to find a solution. We even summoned the ministers to explain what is happening in the county but everything is directed to the governor,” she said.

“We have tried to involve Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, other leaders in the county, and the bishops in the too and nothing seems to work. Every time the governor keeps asking for more time to deliver, it's already one year. What more time does he want?”

Their remarks come a day after MCAs in the County faulted Wamatangi for neglecting his role as the County head and failing to work with other leaders in the county.

According to the 47 MCAs present at the briefing, the governor should avail himself for talks or else they will table a motion for his impeachment.